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Rode vs Wade Commentary - 06-26-2022

3 Jul 2022 3:49 PM | Dodi Ellis (Administrator)

[Video Description - A Deaf Indian woman with black and grayish short hair, wearing glasses and earrings hoops with the light colorful gemstones, sits in front of the black background wearing the solid light pink top, rings on the right and left ring fingers, thin silver bracelet on the right wrist, and thick silver bracelet on the left wrist.]

[First Image Description - One logo of two circles on the black background, inner circle has three capital letters - CAD with dark blue print with the light blue background; outer circle has words in capital letters - California Association of the Deaf on the top of circle while the bottom of the circle has the number of year - 1906.]

Deaf Indian Woman: Today is a sad day. 

[Second Image Description: yellow background with hanger and words in capital letters - No Return to the Dark (dot in the middle) Ages] 

Deaf Indian Woman: We are now going back to the Dark ages! We are shocked and devastated by the Supreme Court decision about abortion and its impact on women all over the country. The consequences are unimaginable. We all have the right to choose what is right for ourselves.

Deaf Indian Woman: I am Kavita Pipalia, President of California Association of the Deaf.

[Text Description: yellow with black outline text in capital letters - Kavita Pipalia; CAD President as below the name with CAD logo.] 

Deaf Indian Woman:  As the representative of Deaf communities throughout California, I want to express our concern of how that one decision will create a domino effect within our Deaf communities.

[Third Image Cartoon Description: white background showing dark brown hands while wearing light blue on the arms holding the pink poster; pink poster shows white with black outline capital letters - They Won’t Stop at Roe.]

Deaf Indian Woman: This unprecedented judicial move also threatens any of our protected rights including Marriage Equality, Brown vs. Board of Education, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our Deaf community was impacted directly and indirectly by the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, especially  women, LGBTIQQ++, and black and brown people. This is a deliberate act of patriarchal white supremacy trying to remove all protections of human rights. It is about power and control.

This is not an acceptable American way of life. It is a critical time for Deaf people from different walks of life to unite and vote for all Democratic candidates who support protecting our basic human rights in November. United we can make a difference. 

Meantime, please check in your Deaf colleagues, friends, and family to make sure they are ok.

[Fourth Image Description: black background with yellow fonts and hyperlink that connects with the QR code image; the words - Donation is greatly appreciated.  Tax is deductible.]

[Fifth Image Description: black background with yellow fonts and hyperlink that connects with the QR code image; the words - Join with us to become a CAD member.]

[Sixth Image Description: CAD logo]

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