Make a Donation to Latent Interpreting Media Project

Latent Interpreting Media (LIM) consists of Deaf Interpreters throughout California and they are launching a latent interpreting workgroup focused on interpreting state-wide press conferences events after the fact. The latent interpreting allows them to summarize critical information into concise bullet points that are to-the-point and include visual information for enhanced comprehension.  We want to make sure that our Deaf community members such as refugees, immigrants, and DeafPlus individuals have full linguistic access to information coming from our state government’s official communications.

Each time they undertake a video project with a latent interpretation of Governor Newsom’s press conferences, it involves one person watching the press conference in its entirety, taking notes with a Project Coach, and filming themselves, a graphics specialist to add critical visual information to the video, and a film editing specialist to seamlessly produce the final product.  Each person who is involved in each individual project will receive payment for their work.  We have estimated that each individual project will cost $500. Your donation of $500 will cover ONE video project. Consider the following options:

* Donate $500 one time

* Donate $500 every month

* Donate a lump sum that LIM can use over the year ($1,000, $10,000, $50,000, or so)

* Donate any amount that you can contribute at this time (every amount supports their work)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the LIM team at

Thank you!