About Us

California Association of the Deaf (CAD)

The Association is a membership organization with voting and nonvoting members and shall be open to all subgroups within the Deaf Community without discrimination. We believe that the acquisition and use of American Sign Language is an essential human right, and operate as such.

Mission Statement

To preserve, protect, and promote linguistic, human, and civil rights for all Deaf Californians.

The Association is a nonprofit member organization consisted of volunteers from local communities in California. Individual members have voting privileges at the Board of Directors meetings and at the Biennial Conference. The Association is open to all groups within the Deaf community without discrimination, and individuals may serve in any appointed positions or on any committees.

Anyone can become a member. More info here!
We protect your rights as a Deaf person, as well as advocate for issues that affect the general Deaf population. Contact us for more information how we can help!