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Embracing Our Deaf Community

Hosted by the California Association of the Deaf

Saturday, September 14, 2019

RID Sponsored CEU Sessions


Each session is 40 minutes long, 0.065 Professional Studies – Power, Privilege & Oppression CEUs (0.26 total CEUs)


“Celebrating Our Roots: Deaf World Coda family and Coda Kin” – Paola Morales del Castillo

Session description:

In this session we journey through the Coda (Child/ren of Deaf Adults) identity formation as heritage speakers and language brokers and their mutual relationships within the deaf communities.  We will explore what we already understand about CODAs, their differences and similarities and what we understand about their careers as sign language interpreters.

Educational objectives:

  • Identify at least 2 issues surrounding Codas and identities, culture, language, relationships, and bimodal communication considerations.
  • Identify aspects of Codas’ unique perspective and their ability to serve as language brokers.

About the Presenter:
As private practice Deaf Parented Sign Language Interpreter of Color, Paola follows an Integrated Model of Interpreting. She provides consulting and multilingual interpreting services in ASL, English, Spanish, and LSM. Her specializations include Mental Health and Performing Arts. She passionate about transformative justice and healing within the Deaf World, and ethics and equity within the Deaf related fields in the Americas and abroad using intersectionality and critical race studies as frameworks. She recently concluded and completed work with the The CATIE Center’s Department of Education award grant. Currently, Paola is in the UNC Project CLIMB, and serving the Southern California Registry of Interpreters for The Deaf board in her first term as Deaf parented Member-at-Large. Previously, she served RID at the national level.

This session is eligible for 0.065 PS – PPO CEUs at the “Some” Content Knowledge Level.


“Finding my YAWP” – Neil Sprouse

The  presenter will talk about how Educators helped him to embrace his identities  by providing hm access to Literature written by the Gay/queer community.  He will provide narratives on how the likes of James Baldwin, e.e. Cumming, Walt Whitman, Frederico García Lorca, Alice Walker, Raymond Luzack, Shakespeare, and others shaped his worldview and embrace his place and find his Voice (YAWP!).

Educational Objectives (List specific measurable actions by participants that will demonstrate comprehension and integration of information presented):

The attendees will learn how to tailor the educational curricula to the student’s interest and self-discovery journey, and how to engage them in nontraditional educational opportunities.

This session is eligible for 0.065 PS CEUs at the Extensive Content Knowledge Level.


“My Mind Matters” – Millie Stansfield, LMFT

“My Mind Matters” focuses on bringing information and empowerment to Deaf individuals to utilize resources to enhance their own mental health.

“Language Deprivation Syndrome” and its impact on the mental health of Deaf Individuals will be explored with research, data, and personal experience. Participants will then utilize this information to formulate a working plan in Mental Health for CAD to incorporate into their goals.

Educational Objectives (List specific observable actions by participants that will demonstrate comprehension and integration of information presented):

  • Participants will apply information received into a working plan for CAD’s Mental Health Focus.
  • Participants will apply information to their own professional and personal relationships.


About the Presenter:

Millie has been working in the Deaf Community for 55 years, starting as a dorm counselor at the Berkeley Deaf School, (where she developed a K-12 Family Life Program; at UCCD as their first MH interpreter, while pursuing Bachelor and Graduate Degrees in Counseling. She was Program Director of CCHIP’s Deaf Family Program, unique to providing wrap-a-round services, and developed the first Deaf Parent class in the Bay Area. After a car accident she had to retire as disabled, and after some years of healing was able to develop a private practice, which she continues now on a small scale.

Two years ago, Millie ‘birthed’ the concept of My Mind Matters’ to help Break the Stigma, Silence and Shame of mental health issues in our Deaf Community.   She is grateful to DCARA, DCCS and CSD to bring this workshop to fruition.

This session is eligible for 0.065 PS – PPO CEUs at the “Some” Content Knowledge Level.


“Aging: Are You Ready?” – S. Kay Vincent

Session Description:

In this session, we will discuss the need to prepare as one ages, discuss choices faced as we age, and make plans to document one’s choices.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Complete pre-and post-session assessments
  2. List at least 2 reasons for preparation for aging
  3. Create an action plan which identifies at least 2 actions to take to prepare for aging.


About the Presenter:

Ms. Vincent holds the following degrees:  B.A. Social Philosophy from Gallaudet University;

M.A. Deaf Education from Western Maryland College; and M.A. Educational Administration & Supervision from CA State University, Northridge.

Ms. Vincent’s experience spans work in various settings such as secondary and post-secondary education; non-profit agencies, corporates and self-employment.  Ms. Vincent is currently retired.

She served as caregiver for 15 years, and taught as an Adjunct Faculty, ASL teacher at several community colleges, and taught Basic Literacy skills to deaf adults for 4 years. She also holds partial certification as a Deaf Interpreter for deaf-blind students at the community college level.  Ms. Vincent’s business and management experience includes VRS vendor Regional Manager, Manager for 2 projects from U.S. Dept of Education, DCARA Branch Outreach Manager, Executive Director at Deaf Community Services, San Diego and served as Board member for CAD.

This session is eligible for 0.065 PS – PPO CEUs at the “None/Little” Content Knowledge Level.

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