My name is Marla Hatrak. Currently, I am a co-chair of California Association of the Deaf (CAD) Policy and Advocacy Committee with Julie Rems Smario.

Last year 2017, CAD sponsored and invited 15 people from our Deaf community members including parents and Deaf adults to get together, write, and distribute our language policy report. The report is called The Road to Kindergarten Readiness: Language Policy for Deaf Children Ages 0-5. The report is currently available on our website.

Go ahead, and take a look. If you like what you read and want a workshop, we have workshop speakers who attend different groups to present workshops any time pending negotiations for schedule.

Please contact If you prefer to vp, that’d be fine. The number is 858-356-6543.

As a part of CAD’s 2018-2020 goals, our committee’s goals, are presentations of the Language Policy workshop. If you would like to host a workshop within your agency or within your community,

CAD is very interested to reach out to other organizations such as Asian Deaf Association, Black Deaf Advocates, and Council de Manos and any others that might not see this vlog. We are interested to collaborate with them.

Go ahead, look at the report, and contact us.

Thank you.