Kay Vincent, Chair ID: Blond haired female with eyeglasses wearing black v-necked top. In the background is a partial photo framed of the beach. Philip Rubin, Co-Chair ID: Philip Rubin is wearing a black polo shirt with large black rimmed glasses. He has short thinning hair with shaven sides and short dark beard. In background, there are two artwork pieces done by deaf artists; oils by Morris Broderson on left and batik style pastels by a deaf Chinese artist on the right. Transcript: Hello, I’m Philip Rubin (name sign), co-chair of Deaf Seniors Task Force. I would like to share a little bit of history. I was President of Deaf Seniors Foundation of Palm Springs. We (deaf Palm Springs seniors) got together and wanted to set up a deaf senior housing. We did a research and realized that it was very expensive ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 a month (per person). (Since) Many deaf people couldn’t afford it, is a deaf senior housing a feasible option? We weren’t sure and asked deaf Palm Springs seniors if they would move in if there’s one available. Many responded no because they prefer to stay at their own homes and remain independent. Since their responses conflicted with the housing concept, we dropped the idea. When our organization folded, we agreed to donate the (organization) money to CAD to set up a think tank. CAD has created Deaf Seniors Task Force to conduct a survey among deaf seniors throughout State of California and see what is the best strategy. My co-chair Kay will explain the rest. Hello, I’m Kay Vincent, co-chair of Deaf Seniors Task Force with Philip Rubin. CAD is motivated to offer services to deaf seniors in California. Caregiving is another option. I personally had experience taking care of my mother and my husband. Philip and I are motivated to set up a model of caregiving services for deaf seniors throughout California. We have developed a survey. We tried to distribute survey all over and gather data and feedback but we didn’t have a chance to fully distribute throughout the state. We want more participation (representation) from northern California, central California, LA, Fresno, San Jose, SF, Bay Area, Sacramento, and Redding. If you are interested in getting involved, you are welcome to!